Is the iPhone 7 still a good buy in 2022?

I’ve been switching phones a little over the last few weeks (between the 13 Mini, the 11 and now the 7) and it’s given me a great perspective on what works (or doesn’t) for me with iPhone.

I want to start with looking at the iPhone 7, mine is 256GB in jet black. It’s a phone I’ve had since 2016 and until recently has been in daily use by a family member. I reset and set it up as my main iPhone for this testing and I wanted to share my thoughts on if you should still consider buying and iPhone 7 in 2022.

Here’s what I like

  • The finish in jet black is still my favourite iPhone finish to date. It’s grippy and looks great, yes it scratches but I love the patina look of a well used bit of kit. I don’t like any of the designs of iPhone since this model. The X to 11, whilst nice on the back have slippery sides and the 12 and 13 have sharp edges and slippy sides. I dislike the Pro models even more with the even sharper edges and heavy body using stainless steel
  • It’s nice having TouchID back, whilst I have developed muscle memory now with FaceID I can unlock my iPhone quicker with TouchID and I still prefer the multitasking by double clicking the home button
  • I love the size of the body and the 4.7″ screen with zoomed mode is fine for my eyes. I struggle with the 13 Mini, even with a bumped up interface.

Here’s what I don’t like

  • No tap to wake, I use this all of the time to check the current time and any notifications on my iPhone 11. With an iPhone 7 you need to get used to clicking the home button to do this
  • The battery is about half of what I would normally get on the 11, even with a recently replaced battery from Apple it’s pretty poor compared to current iPhone models
  • The camera is showing its age
    • No night mode of any sort
    • Indoors there is a lot of noise
    • I cannot focus as close as with the 11
    • On images taken outside in good lighting there is still noise compared to the iPhone 11 and images are generally darker

Ultimately for me I cannot recommend using the iPhone 7 as much as I love the size. You are better spending a little extra and getting a used iPhone 11 if you can handle the size jump up to the 6.1″ screen or look at a 12 or 13 mini if you want to keep it pocketable. The lack of a quality camera and sub par battery life means that you’ll most likely be disappointed in your choice when you need it the most.

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