What’s in my iPhone dock

My dock switches around a bit over the course of a month but this year I’m trying to calm things down a bit and stick to a setup.

With this in mind I switched up my dock to cover my most used apps.

  • Messages: probably my most used app. Lots of iOS within my friends but I do also use Signal for those on other platforms.
  • Things 3: I’m slowly switching over from Todoist and want to give Things another try. I love the widget and today view with calendar integration. I do still wish that the developer would allow me to increase the font though.
  • Music: After a brief stint with Spotify I’m back and happy with Apple Music. I like the UI and lack of having podcasts thrown in my face every time I load the app
  • Camera: I like having quick access to the camera in my dock. It’s been there for years for me and it’s muscle memory at this point.

What’s in your dock?

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