Spider-Man: No Way Home (non spoiler first time viewing)

I finally managed to get to see Spider-Man: No Way Home today and wanted to share my first viewing thoughts, with no spoilers. First off, Spider-Man is my favourite superhero, since watching the cartoon when I was a kid in the 80’s to reading the comics and watching the movies. I’ve enjoyed pretty much all the movies, this new one is my favourite (alongside Into the Spider-Verse) in fact it’s straight into my top 3 Marvel movies (BTW the other two are Avengers Infinity War and Captain America First Avenger).

I can’t get into words how much I love this movie without giving too much away, it’s something that I didn’t think I would see on the big screen – I want to just say now that if you are a fan of these movies and want to see it then avoid anything on the internet about No Way Home – just aim to see it (and stay safe whilst doing it by wearing a mask).

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