2021 was a year of just ticking along for the blog

I don’t publish much on how the blog is doing over the course of the year but at the end I thought it might be worth sharing some stats. Overall it’s been a down year with about a third of my overall traffic disappearing. I’m not sure if this was a lack of content, blogging in general being down or something else I’m missing.

I’m disappointed not to have grown but given the times we are in I’m a lot more forgiving with myself these days.

As you can see the majority of my traffic comes from search engines. Twitter is where I get the most interaction on what I post, which is the main reason I continue to use the service to be honest.

I could have guessed this breakdown of countries based on who I know reads my stuff (thanks BTW). It’s cool seeing all these different countries and the feedback I get with differing points of view.

Moving forward I’m going to be trying something different, adding a couple of creative projects I haven’t been able to invest much on in the past. I’m still figuring these out but I’ll post once I figure it all out.


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