Setting up Things 3

I’ve felt overwhelmed with my todo setup using Todoist lately and at the end of the year I’ve stopped even checking it. I’ve decided to not worry about my personal projects and just get the basics (things like remembering to pay a bill or put the bins out). Whilst I don’t enjoy how small the font is on Things 3, I do like it’s simplicity. I’m also trying to ignore how it displays repeating reminders and just get on with using it.

I’ve started by creating 3 areas that I want to track – family, me and creative projects I’ll be working on this year.

At the moment I’m entering either a reminder about a project or just time sensitive items I need to remember like putting the bins out every Thursday. I’m not even looking at my other task manager, I’m adding to Things as I think of them.

I’m sure I’m going to forget some stuff early on but by taking it back to zero and building up slowly I’m hoping it’ll calm down the overwhelm.


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