Choosing apps in active development

Since I’ve moved away from Todoist it got me thinking about why I pick certain apps and how the developer reacts to your concerns (BTW this is one of the areas that has me second guessing my use of Things).

For Notes I just use Apple Notes and accept it does most of what I want but take on board it’s only really updated once a year.

For calendar I’ve moved to Fantastical. It’s in active development and I mainly use it for the widget. I’m happy it’s an app where feedback is taken on board and it gets updates.

For mail I stick to Apple Mail, I’m only a basic user of mail and whilst it hasn’t been updated for years it does the job.

For todo I’m currently using Things 3 but am concerned at the developers apparent lack of taking on feedback. I’ve been asking for more accessibility for years and whilst it’s acknowledged, it’s never developed. For now I’m using it to calm down my overwhelm I’ll most likely switch when the eye strain kicks in.

Do you take active development and attention to feedback into your app choices?

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