Wrestling with using WordPress

I’ve been using WordPress for years but I’m starting to seriously think about leaving the platform. I’d be exporting my blog and moving elsewhere, no idea where. To be honest I haven’t had the time to think about this too much but all I know is the bugs in the iOS app, their apparent constant need to remind me to upgrade my plan and the lack of good templates are getting long in the tooth.

I’m not interested in stats or keeping them, I don’t get a huge amount daily and not making any income from the site.

I’m looking for something I can post to easily from iOS, has good image support, affordable and a company that are committed to blogging.

Any suggestions?


  1. orbit38 says:

    I don’t know how to get followers here on word press, I dont mind what I’m working with. I just need advice…. I hope you stay too maybe we can help each other out-of-orbit.com

  2. peroty says:

    I keep having the same inner monologue in my head.
    Tumblr/Micro.blog share the same headspace where I like the idea of the dashboard/blog aspect but I always end up ignoring the blog site of the equation.
    I keep flirting with Hugo/Jekyll/HTMLy/Known/Bludit.
    But they never stick. I always think I want to write markdown into a file and save it somewhere, but I don’t want to mess with the “being a developer” side.
    Some of the other flat file blogging tools are missing something I think I need or want.
    So I keep on WordPress. More out of friction than anything else.
    I’m curious to hear if you find something you like and stick with.

  3. Stefan says:

    Micro.blog might be a good fit.

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