Thinking about the blog going forward and creative projects

I’ve been blogging on and off since 2008 and whilst I enjoy it I’ve seen half of the traffic disappear this year. I also upgraded my WordPress to business earlier in the year in a bid to help it support me. I’ve decided that I’m cancelling business to save some money, I’m also debating leaving WordPress all together. The iOS app has been letting me down, especially given its my primary way of posting. Im still getting issues with random boldness of text in headers and now I cannot post any images without the app hanging. So watch this space on the blog and where it may move to. (I’m open to any suggestions).

On the project front I’m also rethinking where I’m putting my energy.

The Star Wars newsletter has gotten nowhere unfortunately, I’m not sure where I’m going to share my thoughts if any on this subject going forward.

I’m thinking about getting into new stuff to learn. Whilst I enjoy writing it doesn’t stretch me creatively anymore and I don’t make a living from it so I’m free to try something else. I’m not sure if this’ll be via video or podcasting but I want to try something different where I’m needing to pick up new skills.

How are you thinking about your creative endeavours at the moment? I think a lot of people are like me right now, wondering where to put your energy.


2 responses to “Thinking about the blog going forward and creative projects”

  1. Aww, I completely get what you mean! I feel discouraged by WP very often, especially when traffic is low.
    There are tricks to improve it a bit though, e.g. adding a picture on a post and interaction with other bloggers a lot.
    If you like writing, you can always try to self publish a book 😀
    (And if it’s a children’s book and you need illustrations, let me know 😉)

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