Adding due times to tasks

When setting up my Todo system I’ve always wrestled with adding a due time so that a reminder pops up. I’ve preferred to have a due date so that I can keep a list of items due today but not have notifications with times popping up all over the place.

But, I’m starting to see that being more ridged with forcing myself to have a due time might be the way to go.

I want a simpler setup and having a widget isn’t enough for me to remember the things I need to do in a day. It used to be but as I’ve gotten older and I have more on my plate I’m just forgetting to do things sat in my today list.

I’m also trying to use my iPhone less and without something like an Apple Watch with my list to always be in my face with what I want to do I’m just not keeping on top of things.

I’d recommend starting off with a due time for everything to start with, it’s what I’m going to do now I’m simplifying my setup.

How do you manage this?

3 responses to “Adding due times to tasks”

  1. I’m a big OmniFocus user, yet I don’t spend much time creating tasks in OmniFocus. Recurring tasks (with time-based reminders), automations, and Shortcuts actions do most of the heavy lifting to remind me of things.

  2. I keep my todo’s in Things with no reminders. If a todo requires a reminder I put that in Due because of its nagging feature. That way I’ll be sure to get it done.

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