Deleting my Amazon account

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about where I want to put my money when purchasing online and the main place that bothered me was Amazon, so I have now deleted my account. There are many personal reasons for this, some of those listed here. I’m glad I’ve finally done this to be honest and I’m now not supporting a company that consistently puts profits over people.

It’s pretty straightforward to do, here is the page you need.


  1. Marc says:

    I’ve tried to find alternatives to Amazon this year and have been mostly successful. I have to ask, did you take a note of your first purchase before you deleted it? I’ve had my account since 2001 and my purchase history is a treasure trove of tidbits about my past music tastes, reading and gadget history. I can see exactly when I bought a case for a particular Nokia Symbian phone, when I decided to learn Enterprise Java or when I got into a certain band. My first purchase was a FireWire webcam for my G3 iMac (it did an amazing 30FPS!). A nice history that I’d be reluctant to say goodbye to, even if I do try and support smaller retailers going forward.

    1. Lee Peterson says:

      Glad to hear you’ve been mostly successful. I haven’t kept my history.

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