Are smartphone ergonomics more important than specs?

Since switching to the iPhone 13 Mini from the 11 I have noticed an improvement in my RSI and when I have used my 11 it’s come back pretty quickly. This got me thinking about my journey with the iPhone 11 Pro to the 11 where it was about comfort i.e. the bigger screen over the latest and greatest. What I have come to realise is that if you go for the base model or the Pro you are still getting a great device, with very little material difference between them in day to day use.

For me the comfort and ergonomics of using the iPhone 13 Mini outweigh having the latest in tech, that I wont miss that much day to day anyway.

Managing a flagship phone these days is a literal handful with most now being better wielded using two hands. I always try to still use one handed and end up overstretching. With my mini this doesn’t happen.

The phone is serving me, not the other way around.

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