4 years with the Nintendo Switch

I’ve realised looking at my journal that I’ve had the Nintendo Switch for over 4 years now and I wanted to share some thoughts about how I’m feeling about it now.

I’ve always loved my portables ever since the Sega Game Gear (I traded in my Sega Master System for one) back on the launch day. Being portable meant I could take it with me on holiday and anywhere around the house, I loved it. I moved onto several systems including the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. They both went with me when I travelled with work and I got a lot of use out of them.

When the Switch came out it was a no brainer for me to get one. I was addicted to Zelda, Animal Crossing and still play Mario Kart online a few times a week.

The console itself has held up well. I have a screen protector and rarely dock it. What hasn’t held up is the joy-cons. I’ve experienced drift on almost all of them and I’m on my third pair.

On the gaming front the first party games are excellent as you’d expect but I’m finding that I’m lacking in choice. For me it’s a console that is used exclusively for Nintendo releases. Unless it’s a game I’d love to play on the go I get it on the Xbox or PlayStation.

The hardware is feeling a little dated now and just navigating the store is a struggle these days. There’s a lot of lag on input and I find the delay between me moving around the UI and something actually moving is at the point I don’t want to use the store anymore.

Nintendo is slow to catch up with something like Xbox Gamepass but at least we have their version where we can plan old classic games. I enjoy dipping into these from time to time and I’m glad they are there.

So 4 years on and I want to see a new Switch with a larger screen, improved joy-cons, a more powerful chip to get some newer third party titles and an option to allow me to play Xbox cloud gaming on it (I know this’ll never happen but you can dream).

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