My favourite apps of 2021

I’ve been switching setups a lot over the last year but I’ve been having a think about some of my most used and liked apps that I have been using over the last year. As with my favourite gear these apps haven’t necessarily come out this year.

Glass: I love this app so much, it’s really helped me with improving my photography through the helpful and positive comments I have had on my photography. The UI is great and the development team are looking for feedback and making change. I have no problem paying for a network like this, one that puts the creator first and doesn’t rely on advertising or creepy algorithms.

Portal: As I wrote on my review this app gives me the opportunity to get some calm in my day. It also makes a great listening experience when you are working and just want to escape somewhere else.

Apple Notes: I’ve tried all of the notes apps out there but I always end up coming back to Apple Notes. I like using the table functionality and the sync seems solid across all of my devices.

Todoist: I’ve settled back on Todoist for a while now, it does the job very well. It’s quick to enter a task, I can see my day with the widget and the sync is rock solid.

Safari: This might be an odd choice but I’ve made a switch to Safari from DuckDuckGo on iOS for one reason – iCloud Private Relay. I don’t have a VPN enabled on my iOS device all of the time but given most of what I do is in Safari having my IP masked is a great incentive for me to use Safari with this feature. I’ve always used Safari on macOS so now using Reading Lists that sync between my devices is great.

What are some of your favourite apps?

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