The iPhone 13 Mini has changed the way I use a smartphone (for the better)

When I picked up the iPhone 13 Mini it was primarily to help me with some RSI issues I’m having. I went in with open eyes and accepted any limitations around battery and screen that I may have compared with the iPhone 11 it was replacing.

What’s actually happened is that it’s changed the way I’m using a smartphone and it almost feels like going back to the days of the original iPhone where I’d use it as a tool. As with my iPhone back when it was new my iPhone 13 Mini gets picked up when

  • I want to take a photo
  • I want to listen to some music
  • Replying to a message
  • A quick look (less than 2 minutes) at the F1, Star Wars or tech news
  • Errrr, phone calls
  • Write the occasional short blog post

Other than it’s pretty much sat somewhere in the house not being used. I’m not mindlessly on it scrolling Twitter or getting lost on Reddit like I would on the large screened iPhone 11. With the 11 it became my iPad, the 13 Mini is used with purpose and I go to the MacBook Air when I want to do something a bit more involved.

Having a small manageable (for me) phone, along with a small and powerful laptop in the Air is a great little setup for me. It’s helped me be more mindful and stay in the moment without getting distracted with a smartphone, I’m not on the sofa scrolling whilst others are using the TV or looking whilst I’m waiting for something in a store. It stays in my pocket when I occasionally venture out and I’m no longer feeling the need to grab it whenever boredom strikes.

If you want to move towards less screen time then I really recommend picking one up and seeing if it helps you too.

Oh and as I mentioned in a previous post, the battery life on the 13 Mini isn’t a worry at all. With my new found use I can get through two days.

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