The importance of being consistent if you want to build an audience

Here’s what my stats look like over the last couple of weeks and I bet you can tell when I posted something meaningful. Yup, it’s those two spikes. I think it’s important to be aware of stats but not controlled by them but this shows me that I need to post more consistently. That goes for anything you are trying to do socially, posting more gets more engagement.

It’s not rocket science really but it’s just a reminder that keeping a schedule of posts helps you gain more readers and hopefully some of those won’t be fly by night and stick around.


2 responses to “The importance of being consistent if you want to build an audience”

  1. Good point and one that I’ve been reminding myself of lately. For some reason my writing has been very sporadic for the past year or so and I’m having a hard time getting the consistency back into it. Your post is a good push!

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