iPhone 13 Mini battery life

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the battery life on the iPhone 13 Mini. I’d heard all of the reporting on the iPhone 12 mini and how some people needed charging it midday but apart from the first couple of days my iPhone 13 Mini is easily getting me through the day.

I’m charging overnight then coming off the charger around 8am. I’ll use it in the day to take some photos, listen to podcasts, listen to music most of my working day, do email and a bit of social and news and at the end of the day I’ll be left with about 40% left.

My iPhone 11 would be up about 20% on this but given how much smaller and lighter it is I’m pleased with this result.

I’m yet to test on a full day out somewhere but I don’t have a worry that it won’t make it. Unless you’re always on social, watching videos, making content all day you’ll be just fine with the iPhone 13 Mini.

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