Official Apple Silicone case review for the iPhone 13 Mini

I’m getting to the opinion that the iPhone 13 Mini is best with no case, it’s so comfy and small… But as with anything new I picked up a case at the same time as the phone to give it a try, it was the official Apple Silicone one in Blue Jay.

In the past I’ve had a love hate relationship with these cases, I like how they stop the phone slipping off things but hated the way that they feel after they have worn in a little but I went in anyway and thought I’d give it another try.

Personally I’m quite attached to the red iPhone along with this blue, gives off a kind of Spiderman vibe to my eyes and I immediately liked this combination.

As you can see above the case covers all sides of the phone, adds a lip to the front and the back camera portion. There’s very little of the phone left showing to damage when using this case. The buttons are silicone and are easy to use, the case is also tight fitting – not something you see on cheap cases.

It’s got a nice grip, which sometimes grips a little too much to your pockets and picks up every little bit of lint around. I’d love something that doesn’t pick up lint like this but in all the years Apple have sold these they haven’t managed it yet so I’m thinking there isn’t a nice middle ground of grip and not being a lint magnet.

The good

  • Official Apple quality and warranty
  • Covers all of the phone nicely, you might just want to add a screen protector and you’ll be good
  • Easy to press buttons and good access to the charging port
  • The blue jay is a nice blue this time around, I’ve either found the blue too dark or light in the past
  • The cutout around the camera has a nice hard plastic lip that will protect the lenses when on it’s back

The bad

  • At £49 it’s on the expensive side but as I stated in ‘The good’ it is Apple so at least has a good warranty and return window
  • It’s a lint magnet, as with all Apple silicone cases. I don’t think you can make a case that has this grip that doesn’t grab all of the lint from your pocket every time you get it out
  • The 13 Mini is begging to be used case-less like we did with the iPhone 5, right??? (get Apple Care+)

So, I’d recommend spending a little more on this case or looking around for a deal rather than get a cheap one. In my testing it really does compliment the iPhone 13 well, I wish (as always) there were some cool yellow or orange colours but the blue with the red phone is a really looker (in my opinion of course…).

What case are you using on your iPhone 12 or 13 Mini or are you case-less?

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