Productivity app bankruptcy and setting deadlines

I feel like I reach this point every few months, overwhelmed with to do items that keep rolling over or get missed. I’ve been playing around with different apps a bit but it makes no difference I’m so busy I’m not able to keep on top of things.

What I’ve come to realise is

  • It makes no real difference which to do app I use, for me there isn’t a great deal of difference to how productive I am
  • I need to be setting due dates and times
  • Not to let the daily count of items get above around 5
  • I need to focus on the important tasks

The second item is an important one. I’ve been running a list of items due today but with no due time I forget or don’t get to them. Widgets haven’t helped me keep on top of what I need to do so I need to start to have due times i.e. a visible reminder that something needs doing.

I’m going back to a simple setup and starting from scratch. No idea which app but I’m going to try a simple Home Screen and reminders that have an associated due time so that it’s in my face when it’s due.

How are you feeling about your productivity apps?


  1. Alan Ralph says:

    My reminders now consist of daily, weekly, monthly and annual reminders for various things — chores, projects, renewals, etc. — plus any one-off things that need to be done soon, such as collecting prescriptions. Events with specific times go on the calendar instead.

    1. Lee Peterson says:

      That sounds like something I should try, I only use the cal for actual appointments but maybe I need to do a rethink. Thanks for commenting.

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