Productivity app bankruptcy and setting deadlines

I feel like I reach this point every few months, overwhelmed with to do items that keep rolling over or get missed. I’ve been playing around with different apps a bit but it makes no difference I’m so busy I’m not able to keep on top of things.

What I’ve come to realise is

  • It makes no real difference which to do app I use, for me there isn’t a great deal of difference to how productive I am
  • I need to be setting due dates and times
  • Not to let the daily count of items get above around 5
  • I need to focus on the important tasks

The second item is an important one. I’ve been running a list of items due today but with no due time I forget or don’t get to them. Widgets haven’t helped me keep on top of what I need to do so I need to start to have due times i.e. a visible reminder that something needs doing.

I’m going back to a simple setup and starting from scratch. No idea which app but I’m going to try a simple Home Screen and reminders that have an associated due time so that it’s in my face when it’s due.

How are you feeling about your productivity apps?


3 responses to “Productivity app bankruptcy and setting deadlines”

  1. My reminders now consist of daily, weekly, monthly and annual reminders for various things — chores, projects, renewals, etc. — plus any one-off things that need to be done soon, such as collecting prescriptions. Events with specific times go on the calendar instead.

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