The M1 MacBook Air is still the best machine for most people

I’ve been looking at the reviews of the new MacBook Pro and as a completely happy M1 MacBook Air user I’m still convinced that the Air is the right machine for most people.

Don’t get me wrong the Pro looks great with it’s high refresh screen, ports and high performance chips but given the price of them they are squarely aimed at people that make money from their craft.

As a blogger, someone that enjoys editing images and records music (very occasionally these days) the base 8GB M1 MacBook Air has been perfect. It runs everything I need, including Logic Pro like a champ and I rarely see any slow down. It’s also thin and light and goes almost everywhere with me, replacing my iPad.

If you look at price vs performance the MacBook Air is hard to beat. Mine was £899 and that’s really just iPad money these days. I’ve gotten so much value out of it since June. I’m using it daily, it helped me get my full time job and has been a great creative tool.

I feel that the MacBook Pro is for a Pro, someone who is either editing video all day or making money from their work and the savings they get from extra performance is something that means they have time to make more money or take on more client work.

An Air is around £929 currently and the Pro starts at £1,899. You really need to be able to justify that extra £1000. Don’t write off the Air just because it’s not the best, it’s an amazing machine still with bags of performance.

If you’re currently on an Air don’t feel like you’re missing out, don’t throw away the Air it’s a great machine and also better for the landfill if you keep it rather than getting a Pro, just because…

If you make money as a creator and can pay for the Pro over the Air it’ll be the better choice for you.

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