Should you buy Apple Care + for an older model iPhone?

I’m using an iPhone 11 and currently paying around £7 a month to have Apple Care +. It’s something I’ve always done on my devices but is this out of habit or need?


I know myself well enough that I’ll break at least one iPhone within a year, I don’t want to think back to how many. But it’s got me thinking about whether the roughly £80 a year is worth it on an older device when I can buy a refurbished or used for not much more than a repair with Apple.

I paid £79 for the replacement after breaking the back glass, on top of the £80 I’m about £160 all in this year. Looking on eBay and alike a used iPhone 11 can be got for around £250, so at the moment I’m in the positive.

As time goes on my iPhone 11 loses value and used prices come down but my monthly £7.99 stays and also the £79 for the actual repair.

I’m coming to the conclusion that for an iPhone 11 or older it’s better to come off the Apple Care + monthly payments and put some cash aside for a replacement or fix should the worst happen.

If you’re on a 12 or newer then it might be worth hanging in there on your Apple Care as those are still expensive to pick up used should the worst happen.

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