Using an iPhone 11 in 2021

It’s about time I shared a longer term review of the iPhone 11 and what it’s like to use one in 2021. As a reminder this came out in 2019 and only just over 2 years old. There are some great deals to be had too so if you’re thinking about going for the iPhone 11 I might have some useful information for you.

First off when it comes to software updates you’re going to be sorted for a while if Apple continue to support older devices on their latest iOS release. This shouldn’t even be a consideration, it’ll be supported just fine. On iOS 15 I’m not really seeing any difference in day to day use than I did when I was testing an iPhone 13 Pro. The only place I’ve seen it slow down is when I’ve used apps like Lumafusion to do some video stuff.

It’s not OLED, no but it’s a great looking LCD that is flicker free and at 6.1” it’s a nice size. If you’re ok with a slightly larger device or don’t have an iPad then it’ll be a great device. Don’t be a display snob just go and try one and I think you’ll be surprised at how good this screen is.

The camera continues to keep up with the best out there. Aside from the current flagships from Apple and Google it’ll keep up with anything. In bright conditions there isn’t a lot of difference from the iPhone 13 and indoors it’s no slouch either. The only thing I regret is having no optical zoom as you do in the Pro models but I’ve learned to live without it.

Lastly if you’re looking at getting something with a good battery then the iPhone 11 won’t disappoint. I can get through two days on a single charge pretty regularly. The XR it replaced was also a battery monster and if you get an iPhone 11 you will be fine getting through a day even with taking a load of pictures. When I did day trips out (remember those) I was never reaching for a charging cable and didn’t even think about it.

In my opinion the iPhone 11 is the Best Buy out there if you’re looking for a modern smartphone that’s a great all rounder and it even comes in more than three colours.

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