Adding some colour and going forward

I’ve been unhappy with my pretty plain blog for a while and in this day and age I really needed something a bit more uplifting as I write day to day and hopefully for your reading of my content.

Taking inspiration from sites like Birchtree I decided to go all in and use a colour theme with some of my favourite colours. I didn’t want to go all in the orange given it would be detrimental to the reading experience but I did want to have it there, so it’s an accent colour and this nice green/blue is what I picked to read against.

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks taking a little rest bite from blogging whilst I figure out what I want to do at the moment creatively.

I’m lucky to have readers that enjoy what I do so I’ll continue to write here but I’ve also added a link to my photography and my Star Wars newsletter.

These are the main public facing creative outlets for me right now and I hope you continue to enjoy the content that I’m putting out.

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