Should you trust #giftfromgoogle reviews?

You may have noticed the #giftfromgoogle hashtag everywhere at the moment but you need to be a little sceptical about it. As part of the Pixel 6 rollout Google gives out their latest devices to YouTubers and they are encouraged to share their thoughts via this hashtag. Don’t trust these reviews, it’s a gift so it’s already in the name they will mostly be a biased view point showing the positives not a real work review.

I don’t want this to come across as bitter as it’s from a blogger, not a fancy YouTuber but as with a lot of Apple day one videos it’s an extension of marketing. Anyone that says they gave a review after 3 or 4 days testing is kidding themselves.

YouTube for me at least has become pretty useless for these early product reviews. You won’t see many calling out issues or giving a real day in the life of.

I’m not dismissing them all but I’d be sceptical of most, a gift in my opinion has already biased the review.

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