I gave up trying to buy a Pixel 6 (a less than ideal launch from Google)

Last night I was really excited to give the new Google Pixel 6 Pro a go and put in an order. I’ve got a really old android phone and wanted to update to the latest Pixel but Google absolutely fell on it’s backside on this launch.

You’d think a cloud company like Google could stay up but alas, no.

Hours later I was still unable to order.

After probably 20 attempts at getting myself a Pixel 6 I gave up. Either they didn’t anticipate the interest or just didn’t plan properly. It’s pretty embarrassing given they appear to be taking building a flagship phone seriously now. It’s a shame as I was looking forward to switching from iOS for a bit and give these new cameras a good test but based on this experience it’s not a good start and one I’ll hold off on.

Personally I think Google should have kept the store down like Apple do then shared a specified date and time you could preorder. They didn’t really talk about launch date clearly and well like I say plan the launch.

Google just can’t quite get there for these big announcements or products can they.

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