Replace your battery, not your device

I’ve been seeing a worrying trend in some reviews lately – if your battery isn’t great then replace your entire device.

This has become more evident in the time of incremental updates to most technology and where justification to upgrading to the new and shiny isn’t as easy a decision based on features alone. I feel strongly that if your devices battery isn’t holding a change as well as it used to, this isn’t a reason to upgrade.

I’ve seen this comment in a few reviews of both the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch series 7. If the battery on your device isn’t holding an acceptable charge then you can visit the manufacturers warranty information pages and get yourself booked in for a new battery. Failing this you can visit somewhere like ifixit and try it yourself.

With Apple at least you can do this for less than £80 for an iPhone and it’ll be done in an hour. There’s no reason to add your current device to landfill and get another one. Let’s be more responsible and look at keeping a device we’re happy with for longer.

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