Do I miss the iPad?

When I returned my iPad Mini 6 I didn’t realise I’d not be picking up another model straight away. Since the introduction of the iPad in 2010 I’ve owned one, I’ve tried to use it as my main device and finally settled on the iPad Mini as my iPad of choice.

Over the last year I’ve replaced my 11” iPad Pro with an M1 MacBook Air and with the jelly scrolling issue I experienced on the iPad Mini 6 I had to return it and no longer have my iPad Mini 5.

In the time since returning it I’ve not had an iPad to use, which definitely had me thinking about whether or not I actually want a tablet in my rotation of devices.

I’m finding that with the bigger iPhone 11 and the portable MacBook Air I’m pretty much covered. I like iOS 15 on the iPhone, macOS on my Air but I’m not a fan of iPadOS 15 with it’s Home Screen changes. I enjoyed the iPad Mini form factor to read, be a music reader for practise and consume but my phone gets me most of the way there. Appreciate it’s probably not the best for my eyes but it’s not that much smaller than the Mini. I think what’s happened is since getting the 6.1” screen on my iPhone it replaced my iPad use.

Am I picking up another iPad? I have been tempted to get an Air or even the basic iPad but for now I’m holding off. There are definitely occasions where I want a bigger touch screened device but I’m so indecisive I don’t want to rush into it. The iPad Mini isn’t getting an update anytime soon now so I either deal with jelly scroll or get a different size.

Do you use an iPad everyday?

6 responses to “Do I miss the iPad?”

  1. I do not. I briefly used a hand-me-down 6th gen iPad from my son this summer, but I stopped using it due to the size. My daughter mainly uses it for Roblox now. I get along with my iPhone 11 just fine. Between my Raspberry PiMac and my iPhone 11, I am covered.

  2. I like the 12.9 but found it to be a little large for day to day use. Magic keyboard is a great product. Recently sold my broken 12” MacBook for £150 so you may want to look at getting some cash for it.

  3. I’m using the 12.9 inch iPad Pro before the M1 model was released and I’m finding it still works great for almost everything. The reason for a 12.9 inch over other models is that I find I’m using it everywhere around the house with the Magic Keyboard. The Magic Keyboard was the game changer for me as I often take notes in split view with Drafts. For everything else, an iPhone has fit the bill when out and about or standing in line. I thought about buying the iPad Mini but saving cash right now for a Macbook Pro that can support two external displays and possibly as much as RAM as my budget allows. My 12 inch Macbook has turned to a paper weight now that it refuses to take a charge.

  4. The 11 inch model is a good size. I worked on for a long time before going to the 12.9. But I also got a new mini and love it, Useful but very different

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