Don’t rely on an Apple Music Playlist

I’ve been using Apple Music for the last couple of months and something has happened again that is getting me to look at the more reliable (totally my opinion here) Spotify. I don’t like how Spotify is more of a podcast player these days but it is reliable at least. I have been curating a Star Wars favourites playlist on Apple Music for a while now and to my surprise it’s been totally destroyed. I haven’t done any of this manually but it seems that Apple Music has broken it for some reason, the music that I had in there is still in the catalogue so I’m totally confused. Unfortunately this has happened to me in the past.

I think I’m going to switch back over to Spotify and get on with enjoying my music

Anyone else experienced this?

6 responses to “Don’t rely on an Apple Music Playlist”

  1. Occasionally a song on a playlist disappears for no apparent reason saying it is not available in your country as the reason for the removal. My music tastes vary a lot and sometimes I play background music like summer jazz while doing chores around the house. I still use Apple Music for its default integration with all of my other Apple devices (iPhone, iPad Pro, HomePod Minis). I was planning on buying an Apple Watch but I’m thinking for the long term if it’s better to go back to buying albums again instead as well.

  2. Argh I hate it when the music is replaced. I’m with you on just listening to stuff you’ve bought. It’s what I’m going to be doing I think.

  3. I’m there with you I think. I’m at the point I just listen to the same stuff so I’m going to see how long I can go without paying for a service.

  4. Tangentially related, but I regret using iTunes Match to store my music in the cloud. I often try to listen to an album but find there is a missing track, or that the album version of a song has been replaced with the demo version from one of the bonus tracks (common on ‘Deluxe’ versions of albums). It’s impossible to play the correct version that I know is available on Apple Music without deleting the album from my library and then adding it again from Apple Music – in the process of doing so I loose the ability to save a DRM-free version of the songs. It is occasionally useful – I have some rare b-sides available on all my devices because of it. The only reason I’m sticking with Apple Music is because I like Spotify less, and the Apple Watch integration is pretty good. That said my music habits tend to consist of me obsessively listening to the same 2 or 3 albums for a few months before moving on to something new – so I wonder if just buying music the old fashioned way would be better value for me.

  5. My problems with Apple Music have mainly centred around its (in)ability to synch music track to iCloud, plus loss of music due to stuff disappearing from their catalogue. Playlists have been fairly stable, although organising sometimes it’ll point-blank refuse to let me move tracks around. In any case, all that is behind me now as I cancelled my subscription and am sticking to my personal music collection for now. I’ve not used Spotify in ages, mainly because their Mac app at the time was an even bigger mess than iTunes — quite a feat!

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