M1 MacBook Air: longer term review

I’ve been using my M1 MacBook Air since June and wanted to share some thoughts on how it is with some more miles on the clock. The model I’m using is the base 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage, mines in silver.

I use my MacBook Air pretty much every day. It’ll be used as a music player whilst I’m in the office working, for writing on my blog or freelance, emails and all the other productivity apps and finally making the odd video and recording guitar.

As with my impressions early on I’m still impressed with the general overall speed of the M1 chip. It fires up apps almost instantly, even on heavier apps like Logic Pro it’s been great. The only place I’ve seen it beachball is when I’ve done some video, it was on import that I saw this when selecting the clip from a large photo library.

The screen and keyboard is first class and the battery was amazing. I say was because I’m monitoring it at the moment. I’ve noticed that since the latest macOS update it’s been significantly less, maybe 30% less than normal. I’m still within warranty and have Apple Care so I’m not worried but want to make sure I haven’t got a rogue process running or anything.

In terms of wear and tear in daily use, I’ve got a couple of scratches here and there but nothing of note.

Overall I love this machine and would still recommend the base spec to anyone looking for a great laptop with plenty of performance (but don’t get if you’re looking to play graphically intensive games).

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