I’m a rubbish writer, what do I do next?

I’ve been writing online since about 2008 and through the last year of the odd successful freelance pitch and mostly failures of applications writing for other publications I’ve come to realise that I’ve not improved as a writer in that time at all.

What I mean here is that when writing formally for another publication I often try to write like I do here, more information and conversational – this never works for my applications to mainstream sites. I got knocked back again this week and being honest I’ve been very disappointed. I’m not making any progress trying to do this writing thing.

When I started writing about my passions back then it started with guitars and has evolved over time to technology. I’ve always written like I do now, more conversational. I’ve written like I’m on social media, not building a brand or in depth content. That might have been my downfall when I was figuring out what value I bring to the space but it’s all got me thinking about whether I need to continue here at all.

My stats are low, I don’t get much engagement on my writing and don’t make any income vs my outgoings here. This is and was never a goal but it’s nice to see some love for what you do.

I’m thinking I might be better off switching to something like Medium or just tweet about stuff and build it socially that way rather than continue with a blog at all. I’m due to renew my domain and site pretty soon and I think I’ll just let this one expire.

I’m interested to know how you feel about this and if you prefer social media content rather than reading on a site like this little one.


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