Where is the iPhone 13 Pro faster than the iPhone 11

I’ve written up my thoughts on the iPhone 13 Pro and I’ve been back using my iPhone 11 for a few days now. I’m not noticing a huge difference in day to day performance but I have spotted a few areas that I wanted to highlight if you’re wondering the sorts of apps that I’m seeing a difference between them.

Day One is my journal of choice and I’m seeing a big difference when it comes to exporting my journal out to back up. This export process take at least three times as long to complete.

Next is photo editing. I use the Apple photos app and when I tap edit there’s a small lag before I can edit the photo. This hardly happened on the 13 Pro.

Lastly when I’m accessing images from a shared iCloud photo album via a third party app. So I’m in Glass and I want to share an image. I pick from the shared album and it takes maybe twice as long.

None of these are going to make you want to upgrade your iPhone but just wanted to share my thoughts. Other than these I’m seeing very little difference in day to day use.


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