Why do I keep blogging?

Why do I keep blogging is a question I’m asking myself a lot at the moment. I’ve been blogging in various forms since 2008 and it’s the one thing that I’ve stuck to in all of that time. Blogging pre Twitter was a different time but since social media erupted and the traditional blog has mostly taken a back seat.

I’m not advocating that you drop your blog and only post to social media, far from it. That’s a bad idea, you never want to build your creative endeavours completely on someone else’s platform.

Anyway, back to the topic.

I’m at a point where I know two things. Blogging for me is something that is a creative outlet that gives me a place to share my thoughts. It also costs me around £350 a year to host my site to share my thoughts. I’m really lucky to have some great readers that have supported me in the last year and helped to pay for this but going forward I’m reevaluating all of my outlets and if people even want to hear from me.

My engagement has been way down (I have to stop checking stats!) and I find that I hardly get any comments on my writing these days. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not always pro Apple products or if I’m just not interesting or I’m just not a good blogger but it’s definitely weighing on my mind as I decide what to do.

Seeing my WordPress bills for the upcoming year I’m at a cross roads with this blog. Do I pay up and keep it going? Do I move to something like Medium or Substack? Do I stop all together and focus on something else? I have no idea right now.