I don’t want likes in Glass

A really great post from Matt over at Birchtree on the subject of adding likes to Glass. I usually agree with him but in this case I’m the opposite side. For me and my mental health not having likes and follower counts is the main reason I’m sticking around.

I try to comment on images I like and leave comments that show appreciation. I also reply to every comment on my images, with no likes people take more time to show some love on your work. I like seeing different styles of photography and looking at the gear that was used.

Not having follower counts and likes is a great way to stop the comparison to others and help to reduce the stress of feeling bad about myself for not making engaging content. Instead I’m sharing images I took and engaging in conversation about them, it’s what I like about the app. I don’t feel I’m throwing them into a void, traditional social media has wired us up to expect likes. Not seeing them is another way to stop any sort of algorithm heading towards the most engaging (usually most negative or controversial) content to heighten their stats and tempt them towards advertising.

I think ultimately Glass is going to struggle with paying subscribers, I wish I didn’t feel this way but the vast majority don’t want to pay for anything. I hope I’m wrong and they keep a loyal, engaged community that keep them going but I’m not optimistic.