It’s time to stop using the WordPress for iOS app

The WordPress for iOS app has been slowly breaking over time but it’s now hit a point where I can no longer use it. As someone that does most of their writing on iOS it’s a big deal and I’m starting to look at alternatives to both the app and hosting with WordPress.

I’ve been avoiding using the block editor in favour of the classic style for ages but the iOS app has started to break your posts if you do that now.

Notice the messed up bolding of the start of this heading

As you’ll see above the header (H2 in this case) is bolding for some reason. This happens if you’re using the classic blog, switch to the block editor and it fixes this issue. Its something that my readers have been pointing out to me and it wasn’t until today I’ve figured out what’s happening.

Using the block editor magically fixes it

The other issue is that the app doesn’t auto scroll when you’re typing up your post.

I can’t see what I’m typing!

I’m hoping the devs will see this post and look at fixing but in the meantime I’m not using the app.

Let me know if you are using an alternative.

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