I’m not a “professional” but my opinion is valid too

I don’t normally post this sort of thing but I feel so strongly on this one I had to get it out of my head.

I don’t listen to App Stories but I do listen to Connected and generally read MacStories but right now I feel really let down. I’ll let you listen to the podcast in question but like I say as a fellow blogger trying to make my way through this online world it’s a let down and shows a lot of hubris.

MereCivilian has a great post sharing his feelings on this. I feel exactly the same way.

I’ve been blogging since 2008, it’s not my full time job but I enjoy sharing my thoughts and putting my passion into it, I wouldn’t be doing this otherwise. I do freelance but I mostly write here and just because my writing doesn’t pay all of my bills it doesn’t make my opinion any less valid.

MacStories posts some great stuff but not everyone wants to read long articles, some like smaller easy to digest articles from independent writers, I like to think I do that here. I get to the point and try to respect my audiences time, does that make my opinion invalid or not enjoyable?

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