iPhone 13 Pro leather case review (dark cherry)

I’ll start my little review by saying I’m not a huge fan of cases, this isn’t biasing my view but just showing my preference on using my devices. I also always get Apple Care +, this is to protect me from myself as I’m pretty tough on my devices (I’m also clumsy).

If I’m getting a case I’ll pretty much always get the Apple ones. They are made to measure and usually top quality. I hate the feel of the silicone cases so I always pick up the leather ones. The colours aren’t great this year (where’s red or a bright orange?) so I picked up the one that’s different – dark cherry. I quite like it although I’d like it a little brighter.

It fits perfectly and as you can see above lets the stainless steel frame shine through.

Yup, that’s some big cameras but the case protects them when it’s on its back. It also wobbles when typing, not flush like previous leather cases.

You can see some of the cherry colour here, needs some nice sunshine.

As you can see the bottom of the phone gets more protection as it’s covered with good access to charging.

Overall this is a nice feeling case and it’s top quality. It’s also top price at £59, which I feel is £20 too expensive but you all know about the Apple tax. If you want a case to just get and forget then this is the one. I’ve used it for a couple of days and I’m back to no case, the 13 Pro feels great with no case.

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