A weekend with the new iPad Mini, some initial impressions

I’ve now had a weekend using the new iPad Mini (version 6 of this device) and I’ve got some initial impressions I’d like to share.

I’m a huge iPad Mini fan and used every generation, this latest is the best and if you’re a fan it’s a must upgrade.

Here are the key differences in use vs the previous generations.

Using the Apple Pencil is a lot better with the latest iPad Mini. I have more space, feel less cramped and can write to the edges. It doesn’t feel awkward and it’s become my digital notebook. You can also charge and attach to the side like on the bigger Pro.

The screen quality isn’t a big step up from the previous generation but the new size is a massive step. It’s perfect for this size device and you get a bigger screen in a smaller device.

It’s more comfortable to use than previous generations. The squared off sides and slightly narrower form factor make it easier to hold onto and hasn’t given me any RSI issues.

I wish it had FaceID isn’t something I thought I’d be saying but it’s true. I find TouchID weird on the power button when I then also need to swipe up. The iPad doesn’t go to the Home Screen when unlocked but stays on the Lock Screen, you need to manually swipe up.

I wish the iPhone had USB-C now that the mini has it. It’s great to have and now my iPhone and AirPods case are the only things left on lightning.

Battery life isn’t a step up, seems the same as the last generation. Not a problem in my use case, charge maybe every couple of days.

I really like the space grey and orange case combo.