The iPhone 13 Mini

As with most iPhone launches you can never quite get that perfect phone for your needs. For me I’m always torn between the best cameras and comfort in use. I’m currently using the iPhone 11, which I’ll most likely stay on but I’m definitely looking at both the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 Pro (because of the camera improvements).

The iPhone 13 mini seems like a small bump in performance and a slightly better camera (lets in more light than the 12) than it’s predecessor. I did test out the 12 mini and loved it’s size but had some issues with the screen. It’s also got a bigger battery but I wouldn’t believe the stats until you can get out there and test it.

For me the iPhone 13 mini is for those that aren’t currently on a 12 mini and want the most portable iPhone possible with the latest technology.

It’s a niche, it’s not that much cheaper than a regular 13 and more expensive than a bigger 11 so I can believe the rumours that this is last one we’ll see, so if you want to send a signal to Apple to keep it you might want to get one this year.

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