The iPhone 13 brings a heavier pro

With the launch of the iPhone 13 Pro, Apple have significantly increased the weight of their flagships. Both the Pro and Pro Max are heavier than their predecessors.

12 Pro: 187 grams

13 Pro: 203 grams

12 Pro Max: 226 grams

13 Pro Max: 238 grams

My current iPhone 11: 194 grams

The reason for me including the iPhone 11 is that I feel for me at least that’s the top end of what a phone should be. I’ve carried around an 11 for a while now and whilst I’ve gotten used to it in some regard I’m still wishing it was a little lighter.

This year if you’re a camera buff, which I am you need to make a big trade off in comfort. With a case it adds a bit more bulk and weight too so it’s something I’ll really need to think about.