Are your mental health apps tracking you?

I’ve started to listen to several podcasts from Privacy International and one about health data got me looking at apps I’ve used in the past a bit more closely. Their work on looking at mental health sites was a bit of an eye opener. I used this information to look at apps I’ve used in the past.

I first picked Headspace and looked at their privacy information as you can see above. This got me concerned, why does a mediation app need my location?

You then look at Calm and it gets even worse with their specific tracking information.

It does get worse with some apps like Oak not even being transparent about what they collect.

Why are these apps tracking you so closely? Well, selling your data to third parties for marketing and worse id imagine.

It doesn’t stop at meditation apps, journaling apps like Moodnotes is just as bad.

If this creeps you out too then I’d suggest a couple of alternatives.

  • Breathing exercises
  • Try journaling in your notes app. Keep it simple and write down 3 positive things that happened today