How does Spotify compare to Apple Music?

A couple of weeks ago I decided to switch to a few apps that didn’t tie me to the Apple ecosystem so much.

The first one that I switched was from Apple Music to Spotify. I’d always used Spotify in the past but switched to Apple Music on it’s release and have been using it ever since.

Where does Spotify beat Apple Music?

The Spotify app itself to me at least performs better on iOS. It is quicker to start tracks and I’ve experienced none of the lag that I sometimes got using Apple Music. The Spotify UI is intuitive if a little cluttered sometimes but on the whole solid.

Music is quicker to download than what I’ve experienced on Apple Music. I did find though that leaving the app running in the background made the music stop downloading, which doesn’t happen with Apple Music. This also applies for streaming, it’s quicker to stream using Spotify.

The created playlists seem to be better for the types of music I listen to. I like to listen to chilled out or relaxing instrumental music when I’m working and the playlists and discovery just seems better on Spotify.

Overall for me the Spotify app just seems a bit more polished, performant and focussed on discovery than Apple Music.

Where does Apple Music beat Spotify?

Being focussed on your music is on of the apps strengths. Spotify has cluttered it’s content with Podcasts and I think that’s getting in the way a little when you fire up the app.

All of your music in one place is something I miss from Apple Music. Seeing my bought and streamed music in one place is a benefit to the app.

Organising your music in Apple Music with recently played or simply by artist is nice. Spotify wants you to add to your library but also adds the ability to favourite an artist, it’s a little confusing sometimes.

Overall thoughts

For now I’m happy with Spotify, I like both the faster downloads and streaming. This is especially noticeable if you’re on the move using your cellular connection. The discovery is better and I have found some great playlists.

It’s not as deeply integrated into iOS but I don’t miss any of this. I use Airplay to send it to my HomePod in the office and I don’t use music on my Apple TV.

I’d say my first move away from the Apple walled garden is successful so far.