Software updates are more interesting than new hardware

I’m not sure if it’s my age or the amount of time I’ve been following technology but somethings changed for me where I’m caring less and less about new hardware. I feel that smartphones, folding aside are pretty stale. On one hand this is great for those that want to keep their devices as long as possible and may help reduce the ridiculous amount of e waste that we are all responsible for. But on the other hand it’s brought forward the interest in software updates.

A new iPhone these days doesn’t really give you a lot of updates once you look past the marketing. Staying on an 11 this past year has really highlighted this for me. I’m way more interested in what iOS 15 brings and where it can improve my day to day. I’m still wrestling with Apple’s privacy change and I’m still on iOS 14 (and may stay on it for now) but WWDC for me is the biggest event of the year. We’ll get new iPhones and iPads that give us little updates but very rarely improve your day to day but new software has the ability to do this on a yearly basis.

I’m rambling a bit but anyone else feeling this way?