Switching apps to help to do app overwhelm

I’ve been using Todoist for quite a while now and whilst I’ve been enjoying it I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Despite all of it’s positives Todoist still isn’t great at dealing with overdue tasks.

If you miss a task or don’t get to it it’ll flag as overdue, which is great for some but having it highlighted makes me feel like I’m failing, especially when you go a few days without being able to get on top of stuff.

The only app that I’ve found does this right is Things but as we’ve discussed before the company spares no time to those that need accessibility options so I can’t use it. I wish they were more of an accessibility advocate.

This leaves me going back into Apple Reminders just whilst I try to get back on track. It also lets me review what’s in Todoist and remove what I don’t need.

It’s the way that I do my weekly review in a way but more like a 3 monthly one. Take everything out and start over.

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