The slow irritation of using Google Photos

I’m slowly moving away from Google Photos already. When I ran into iCloud issues I decided to try somewhere else but I’m already having a rethink.

Every time I go in I get this red notification above and I keep getting reminded to buy a photo book. I’m ok with photo books, they’re cool but I don’t want one right now and being constantly reminded of it is a little annoying.

The service itself is fine and if I try to forget my loathing of some of Google’s moves (like firing most of their ethical AI staffs don’t dropping products once they get bored) I can use the service. But as I think more about this little niggle above and being more of an ethical consumer these days I can’t support Google. The way they also manage YouTube gets me angry so putting money into them doesn’t sit right with me.

For now I have no photo backup strategy so I need to think quickly, always open to suggestions.