Being a more responsible technology enthusiast

As I wrote about yesterday I want to take a step back and think about my purchases a lot more. This isn’t just technology ones but it’s obviously more of the focus for me and I think a lot of the people that read my site.

Waste from these technology purchases is a massive problem and I want to be more responsible, setting a better example for those around me. Videos like this one are a great place to start and hopefully a few of you watch it and think about your next purchases.

It’s hard not to gush about the next hot phone but for me at least I’m going to be more about apps and things that are less wasteful going forward. I’m not saying that I won’t be talking phones or tablets but I will be purchasing more responsibly and pointing out areas of anything new where they fall down from a waste or recycling perspective.

The main thing we can do to be responsible is to reduce our consumption and only get what we need. Next we can repair what we have rather than throw away or buy new. Lastly recycle what you have, this is something top of my list as I clear out some old hard drives and phones. I’ll be keeping my original iPhone but the rest will be going for recycling.

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