Think before buying your next smartphone

I’ve become very conscious of the technology I buy and the time I was out of a full time job made me realise I didn’t need the latest and greatest. Making an informed decision on new stuff wasn’t something at the forefront of my mind in the past, I’ll admit it was the new and shiny.

Guides like this one are worth a read if you’re upgrading every year and I’m hoping this year more than others people will genuinely have a good think about whether or not they need the new shiny or want to get off the constant need to upgrade.

I’m still on an iPhone 11 and as much as I’m tempted by the Galaxy Flip 3, the next iPhone or the new Pixel 6 I’m going to be making an informed decision. I’m thinking about my impact on the larger world around me and if I want to contribute to this current consuming first, environment last trend that seems to be in control.

This isn’t a ted talk it’s just a little nudge to have a think before pressing that but button.