Moving to cross platform apps

I’ve been thinking a lot about the platform I use most and whether I should tie myself to one platform. A company that you follow won’t always line up with how you think they should be doing business. This also coincided with a massive photo loss within iCloud for me this week and forced the issue to the forefront of my mind.

As I was wondering what to do I realised how trapped I am in one platform. I’d been paying for Apple One and totally sucked into using iCloud Drive for everything. I’d already cancelled my Apple one subscription so was free to consider other options.

With this crisis of conscience of the platform and company I was using I went through my apps and decided to move away from apps that only worked on iOS. This gave me the freedom to switch platforms as I want to.

My productivity app of choice is Todoist, a cross platform app. My notes have gone from Apple notes to Google Keep. Writing is now in Obsidian and the WordPress app.

Photos are now in Google Photos.

Apple Music has been replaced by Spotify. Overcast has been replaced by Spotify also.

Signal is slowly replacing iMessage.

Maps is an easy switch to Google Maps.

iCloud Drive now switched to Google Drive.

In terms of subscriptions I’m now left paying for

  • 50GB iCloud plan
  • Google 1 200GB
  • Spotify

I’m still figuring this out but I think everyone should take a look at apps they use and how portable is your data from time to time.

This isn’t a ‘I’m switching platforms’ post it’s just giving me flexibility to switch should I choose.