Some thoughts on Glass, a new photo sharing app

I’ve been using Glass now for a couple of days and wanted to share some initial thoughts on the subscription based service. First off let’s talk that subscription, I wish more apps did this. I’ve been leaving social media slowly over the last few years, just keeping those that line up with my values. Paying £30 a year to support a new company in this way rather than fill it with ads, stealing my data, pushing content and promoting likes over great content I’m all up for. I’ll happily pay for a service like this, it’ll hopefully keep it free of the issues that we see on other social photo services.

Glass reminds me of both Flickr and the early days of Instagram before you know who bought them and I deleted my account. It’s about a lovely UI, a way to discover new photography and sharing your images. You can comment on photos, this is encouraged given that thankfully there’s no way to like images. This is a smart move and hopefully remains. Not seeing likes is a key idea if you’re building what you like to think of as a non addictive network. It also doesn’t do tags and image search, which I think is a good thing. It’s another way to keep it away from becoming just another social way of sharing and opens itself up for creating that addicting app.

The app itself is stable enough to start with, I do have a couple of issues with uploads failing or duplicate images but it’s early days and I’m happy to wait for app updates. The team have been responsive to the issues and also give you a way to provide feedback for future product updates

If you’re into photography or looking for alternatives for sharing your photos then get yourself onto Glass. You’ll need to join the waiting list or get an invite code (I have one left if you’re quick, DM’s open) for now whilst it’s being built up.

I’m really pleased that this app exists.


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