What’s on my iPhone (Aug 2021)

I’ve not really brought in any new apps this month but I’ve removed any widgets from my main page and I’m a little more relaxed about the setup. I’m constantly fiddling with them so putting them to the left of home gives them a place away from my apps. I know it’s old school now but it makes sense for me to flip over when I want to get at some information.

The only real new app is Tot, something I’m going back to for small lists. I’m also using Signal a bit more rather than messages for mostly my Android friends. Books made it’s way back onto the Home Screen now I’m listening to a few audiobooks.

I’m still enjoying using the iPhone 11 and as tempted (again) by the Mini that I am I know my eyes won’t appreciate it. In 2021 it’s still a great phone and there are bargains out there if you’re ok not on the latest and greatest, I do feel it’s one of the best deals in tech right now if you can get one.