What happened when I stopped using Twitter

I’m just coming back to Twitter after a break of a few weeks and now I’m starting to engage again there are a few observations that I wanted to share with you.

First off I need to explain what Twitter is for me. It’s using Tweetbot to see no ads, no trends, no news and a chronological timeline. When I use the official app is instantly gives me anxiety and I realise I’m back at the mercy of the algorithm and negativity. When I use Tweetbot I feel more like it’s a feed of what my friends are up to and any news I come across is of interest to me. I’m also easily able to control what I see via muting.

When I came off Tweetbot I thought I’d use my phone less but I didn’t. I definitely lost the habit of picking up and scrolling the feed but Tweetbot was replaced with Reddit or Slack or whatever. Twitter isn’t the reason I was picking up my phone, it was boredom. Being ok with silence or alone with my thoughts is something I’m getting better at doing and something I want to work on.

I didn’t miss seeing the activity on my Tweets i.e. the likes and RT’s but I did miss the replies and good conversations I have on there. Coming back yesterday and I’m already having some great conversations and some new opportunities. As someone who has been engaging more in freelance writing it’s also a place I can get ideas for articles or engage with readers.

So, I’m using Twitter via the Tweetbot app to engage with people that I have great conversation with. It’s what it was created for, a social space not a news app.